Market Entry

You want to launch your brands into a new market or target a new niche, or perhaps build a new category or line extension. TUME will provide you all the necessary advice and support; from preparation, launch, ‘speed to market’ strategies, advertising and promotion planning to sales management and analytics. The team TUME will engage to deal with your unique case will be specific to your business’ needs. Call us and let’s discuss your next growth initiative!

Enter African Markets

Your business operates successfully in many markets and now wants to enter African markets. TUME will provide you support, from distributor assessment and appointment, setting up commercial functions necessary to start successful operations to ensuring your first successful year of business

Organization Design

What do you need to deliver sufficient trade coverage and optimum marketing support? What can you outsource and what must be done in-house? TUME will craft and execute a clear cost effective strategy to drive sustainable growth in your business.

Ethics and Compliance

It is not sufficient to meet local law and regulations. Instead, one must be above international legal and best practice in all respects. TUME will help you craft and implement your code of conduct, compliance training, reporting and monitoring for all levels of your business.

Recruitment and Headhunting

Exceptional talent is scarce and must be nurtured and sustained. TUME will advice on your organization’s human resource requirements and place the right people to drive your business forward.

Leadership Coaching

Your business leaders need to constantly improve in all aspects of their personal and professional attributes. Leadership coaching programs for selected individuals will ensure your business retains the best people and grows in sustainable manner, profitably.


TUME’s strength in developing, delivering and following up training for the Indirect Trade market, from basic courses to strategic leadership courses is truly outstanding. Your team will acquire cutting edge skills, which well executed will deliver growth and give you a unique competitive advantage.