Consumer Brand Marketing

TUME has years of experience building some of the best global brands in Africa. From ideation and research, concept design and testing, product development, positioning, advertising and promotion support to pricing strategy. TUME can help you deliver new brands or line extensions exceptionally.

Shopper Marketing

Africa’s diverse shoppers are looking for value in different ways such as ‘total delivered cost’, high end convenience or no frills economy / budget shopping. Most earn and spend daily wages, yet demand small sizes of the leading brands despite the high ‘per quantity’ price. TUME understands this and can offer you advice that makes the difference.

Trade Marketing

The flow of brands is not only driven by demand for ‘pull products’, but also by what happens at the point of exchange between the middlemen and retailers. Effectively influencing that decision point beyond pricing is an opportunity often disregarded. TUME can help you leverage it for more growth.

Advertising and Promotions

TUME has years experience building advertising that works; from POP to some of the best television advertisements. Working with selected Advertising Agencies, TUME will help you communicate with the trade, shoppers and consumers in a meaningful, pragmatic way.

Public Relations

Every brand needs a ‘strong relevance’ in the community of traders, shoppers and consumers. The goodwill from the association between your brands and selected, continuing community engagements will support business growth. TUME can help you design and implement programs consistent with your vision.

Marketing Analytics

Your brand health and remedial or development plans must be underscored by a clear understanding of market shares, weighted and numeric distribution, their trends and drivers. TUME’s expertise in understanding and uncovering gaps and opportunities could benefit your brands.

Other Support

TUME’s offers many other important services to support your businesses priorities and processes. Call now and let’s discuss your challenges and opportunities.