Corporate Governance

TUME’s advisory services take a ‘top-down’ approach, and seeks to establish roles and responsibilities, rules and procedures for the Board of Directors to optimize governance within your company. TUME also offers Board alignment sessions to bring your board up to speed with Industry and Legal requirements.

Vision, Mission, Alignment

A mission statement clarifies why the business exists and defines its objectives. A vision statement sets the direction for the company and challenges the business to achieve its full potential. TUME works to define your company’s mission and vision, and align your goals to them to provide clear direction for the company.

Board Charter

The role of the board is to effectively represent, and promote the interests of shareholders with a view to adding long-term value to the company’s shares. TUME works with boards to create board charters that outline roles and responsibilities of each board member, determine the power and independence of the board, and set board room procedures.

Board Evaluation

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” – Bill Gates. At TUME, we believe that performance evaluation is essential to the betterment of how each board member carries out their duty. TUME helps its clients to conduct board evaluations that determine the effectiveness and efficiency of each board member, and the CEO to maximize company performance.


In achieving your mission and vision statements, your company needs to ensure its financial and operational practices are sustainable. TUME works with your department heads to examine their current practices, and introduce practical solutions to guarantee the long-term success of your business.

Audits and Controls

The financial health of your business is extremely important. TUME advises boards on how to review their financial statements and assists businesses to install controls that  ensure financial disclosure in accordance with the requirements of the law of the land.