about us

TUME Middle Africa Consulting is a business advisory service offering support to Companies and business professionals who want to build their brands and markets in Africa. TUME works with selected independent professional partners to merge global expertise with local knowledge and deliver outstanding, actionable solutions. Engaging TUME will strengthen your professional capability significantly and help shape your growth.

Africa’s markets can be clustered in various ways. TUME works in teams of experienced, senior subject matter experts to deliver expert solutions for each market, cluster or across all African markets. Each opportunity or challenge is analysed individually. Solutions including appropriate advice, comprehensive execution plans, support for or implementation in each market is offered as may be agreed with you. Opportunities for solutions across the entire African market exist, for example in developing an all Africa strategic plan or the application of ‘theme advertising’ in different languages. Once again you can leverage TUME’s expertise.

As each challenge or opportunity is unique, the team to deal with it will also be unique, call us and let’s discuss your next growth initiative!


More people across Africa living better because they chose our client’s outstanding brands.


To develop and deliver skills, expertise and capability in governance, strategy, sales and marketing to drive business forward for clients across Middle Africa.