Route to Market

Understanding how your product moves to the shopper, pricing and profitability at each level, and which trade incentives work could be the difference that drives your success. Your coverage strategy depends on this understanding. TUME will help you understand and use this knowledge.

Trade Incentives

Discounts given from gross sales often do not deliver performance beyond moving volume from point A to B. TUME will show you how to leverage this important sum of money to drive operating savings and deliver trade ‘pay for performance’; beyond merely moving volume ‘out of the door’.

Distributor Life Cycle

Your distributor will be as good as the appointment process, the performance contract and the first year’s induction. TUME’s expertise will be invaluable in helping you find the best distributors. We will also help you navigate and conclude as low risk a separation as possible.

Trade Research

Africa is not data poor, information gathering is. TUME will help you understand critical operating information, such as your share of shelf, store share of market, and distributor effectiveness monitoring. Information is only as good as its meaning and implications, TUME will help you leverage it for your success.

Sales Analytics & Automation

TUME’s expertise in sales representatives hand-held solutions, back office data processing, and analytics will make the step change you are looking for. TUME works with developers to deliver cost effective solutions and training. Optimize your effectiveness and efficiency levels now!

Distributor Development

The best distributor can become better and deliver more for you. TUME expertise in developing distributor capabilities is sought by both distributors and principles. From joint business planning, people skills development, field operations, excellence in front of the shopper and more; you can benefit.

Trade Coverage

Trade Coverage is more than having a sufficient team with ‘the right competence | the right skills | the right compensation plan | at the right location’. Understanding the trade universe, priorities, continuing data monitoring and effective controls will help optimize coverage, profitably. TUME can make the difference.