The Situation
Our client, a multinational company producing personal care and household care products, was faced with growing competition from counterfeited products.

The Brief
Investigate the presence of counterfeit in the Kenya market; find source of counterfeit products and act on behalf of client to execute corrective legal action.

TUME’s Approach

  1. Send a dedicated surveillance team to Mombasa ports and ‘counterfeit hotspots’ to identify counterfeit products.
  2. Obtain evidence any illegality and/or infringement on intellectual property rights.
  3. Engage appropriate authorities (Anti-Counterfeit Agency, Kenya Police, Kenya Bureau of Standards, Kenya Revenue Authority and others) to execute corrective legal action.
  4. Follow up on the removal and destruction of all counterfeit products.

The Outcome
This exercise resulted in the removal of counterfeit products worth hundreds of thousands of Kenya Shillings from the market. We now carry out this as an on-going exercise for this and other clients.